The Truth Series: How do I know I have the truth? (Part 9)

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From the Origin and Nature of the Universe: A part from the Triune God revealed through the Bible, as the absolute Creator and Lord, we are utterly unable to explain the origin, nature, and purpose of our cosmos, of our world, and of our very selves. When, to the best of our ability, we “step back” in our minds and look at reality as it is we are rightly stunned by its magnificence and the deep sense that the sheer processes and forces of evolution would never predict nor ever be able to produce our universe. Nor is there another supernatural alternative to the Trinity that measures up as an explanation.

Just consider three of the numerous ways in which this inescapable truth is illustrated:

(1) There is an absolute day one for the universe and all things therein contained. Think about it: An infinite number of yesterdays means we would never arrive at today! This is known as the absurdity of an infinite regress, and it applies to the world both physically and philosophically, and it means there was a day one.

(2) There is astounding physical design throughout the universe, balancing on a razor’s edge of precision fine-tuning so that, for example, complex conscious life forms like you and me can exist. This is known as the anthropic principle, and it means that the universe was prepared for, and thus expecting, you and me.

(3) There is a timeless and universally binding moral law clearly evidenced throughout history in the moral codes and moral experience of human beings. In particular, the moral law teaches us that there is a way to be human and that we are morally accountable for that.

One does not need modern science and philosophy to clearly perceive these three facts, and many more like them, even though modern science and philosophy have helped in amplifying some of these facts. The truth is that, from the very beginning, God made every fact in the universe to be revelatory of himself, showing us without question, that he is the absolute Creator, Designer, and Authority. (Genesis 1:1, Nehemiah 9:6; Genesis 1:2 to 2:3, Psalm 19:1-6; Genesis 2:15-17, Ecclesiastes 12:11-14, Romans 2:11-16.)

It is only the Triune God of biblical Christianity who makes a universe like ours—a part from whom there would be no universe, no me, no you, no anyone or anything. Thus, the reality of God is obvious, natural, intuitive, and inescapable.


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