The Truth Series: How do I know I have the truth? (Part 14)

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From Our Utopic Longings: A part from the Triune God revealed through the Bible, as the Sovereign Lord who will make all things right and new—who shall someday fill every heart—any hope we have for our future will never be fulfilled. This is because our deepest longings are shackled to a pointless evolutionary frame of reference that knows nothing of longing and hope. Thus, we ought to be earnestly seeking a superior narrative.

Think on some important strands of truth that help illuminate the better narrative:

(1) Our efforts to make the world what it should be are based on our inner sense that the world is not the way it should be. To say it another way, our feeling that the world is not as it should be presupposes that there is a way for the world to be, even if we don’t know or agree on what is that better way. However, evolution on its own steam is a belief bereft of such explanatory capability and narrative resources, being mindlessly driven by deterministic processes and forces void of prescription for how the world should be. Of ourselves, merely being part of “the system,” we only have arbitrary, conflicting answers and might makes right.

(2) Rather, dropping the evolutionary blinders, we can begin to understand our deep sense that the world is not the way it should be—a.k.a. the problem of evil. Once our minds are sufficiently free we can consider the insight that our longing for a better world would only make sense if the world was once the way it was meant to be but was subsequently corrupted—i.e., spoiled good. In that light, our desire for a better world, and our sorrow and indignation that it is not, would find some intelligibility and justification.

These deep seated feelings—what the world was, how the world is, how the world should be—only make sense through the divinely revealed system of truth drawn from the Bible. Moreover, our self-striving is the very way in which we have been unwittingly undermining our longings for a better world. Because we are ignoring the biblical Story of God, all our efforts to make right, renew, and reform a person, people, nation, and world have been in vain. On our own steam we have no hope for full resolution and complete fulfillment.

Therefore, our hope for a better life, a better nation, a better world, a cosmic utopia, where everything is as it should be—in which our hopes and longings are fully met—is only known in embracing the gospel centered plan of our Triune God. There is simply no other way forward. (2 Peter 3:1-18, Revelation 1:4-8, 1:1 to 22:21).


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