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Mankind’s Sabbath rest—Genesis 2:1-3 (Part 3)

Through faith, Sabbath observance can give great hope in our on going struggle with life.

Mankind’s Sabbath Rest—Genesis 2:1-3 (Part 2)

The Bible seems to indicate that the early church moved the Sabbath Day of Rest from Saturday to Sunday, the Lord’s Day, and that Christians are encouraged to follow this pattern by faith till Jesus returns and we fully enter our eternal rest.

Mankind’s Sabbath Rest—Genesis 2:1-3 (Part 1)

There is a Sabbath Rest for people to enter, which is salvation by grace through faith in Christ, though there is a day, until the new creation, that reminds us in the here and now of where is our true rest …

Clearing a Hurdle to Easter

The ram the Lord provided on the mountain that day for Isaac and Abraham was a small picture of and glimpse into what God planned from the foundations of the earth, the once for all sacrifice of his only Son, Jesus Christ …

Purpose and Calling (Part 2)

Embark on the journey of experiencing your purpose and finding your calling …

Purpose and Calling (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what your purpose and calling in life are? Has this been a struggle for you? Listen in as Robin shares some of his journey …

Sow37 Relaunch Part 4!

Robin talks about his personal revival in Christ, the day when the Spirit renewed him and set him on a new and amazing trajectory that has lasted for decades and will endure for his entire life.

Sow37 Relaunch Part 3!

Robin talks about freeing our minds, learning to think, so we can come to a place of recognizing and receiving the truths of the gospel.

Sow37 Relaunch Part 2!

Robin continues into his story that explains what the Sow37 ministry, part 2 of 4

Sow37 Relaunch Part 1!

Robin discusses the new discipleship structure of Sow37 and his story behind this ministry.


I am a disciple of Jesus who seeks to glorify God by learning to live as he lived and by helping others to do the same (1 John 2:6). Following Jesus requires sound doctrine, consistent apologetics, and effective mission.

Robin Martens, Host of Sow37