A Snapshot: The Truth Series, An Introduction

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The The Truth Series is a course I have developed over the years. It is aimed at bringing the faith once for all delivered to the saints to those who are seeking it (Jude 1:3-4).

I have received much inspiration and guidance on my own truth journey. One such breakthrough and quantum leap forward was the Apostle Paul’s message on Mars Hill in Acts 17:16-34. As I was desperately groping for truth Paul’s speech opened my eyes to presenting the summary yet comprehensive nature of the faith in a way that spoke to the issues of the Athenian culture. As a new, young, but un-discipled believer in a crisis of faith I needed something, and it was clear that the church—at least the churches I knew—were not going to provide it for me. So by God’s sovereign grace I began the several year long hard and painful journey of discovering what I needed for myself. What I am offering you is but a snapshot of what the Lord provided for me, and what I have come to call The Truth Series.

I believe, as influenced by classic reformed theology, that there are three components, three phases, that are integral to knowing and living the truth.

First is doctrine. The question to address here is: What is the Truth and How Do I Find It?

Second is apologetic. The question to face here is: How Do I Know that I Have the Truth?

Third is mission. The question to dig into here is: How Do I Know if I Genuinely Believe the Truth?

Under each heading (doctrine, apologetic, mission) there will be approximately 6 to 9 brief, challenging articles that bring definition to each heading.

On the one hand, far more can be said regrading the truth. For example, what are the means, the spiritual disciplines, for walking as a Christian? How do I do relationships and finances? Along with many other subjects and topics. On the other hand, what is presented through these three components (doctrine, apologetic, mission) is a simple yet comprehensive overview of the faith once for all delivered by the saints. This, in my view, is the essential framework for everything else about the Christian Faith. Therefore, let us primarily focus on building the major framework as we seek to fit in the many other pieces of truth.

As I said, this blog series is merely a snapshot of the The Truth Series. I hope it wets your appetite for more so that you might reach out and contact me about signing up for the full meal deal.



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